​Elite's  Bubble Tub  Club

We wash your dog an unlimited times for 1 low monthly fee! 

*This program is ideal for Seniors, multi-dog households, busy families, & puppies!
Saves you on your overall grooming bill as you don’t need full grooming appointments as often!
*Unlimited bath, brush, & blow-dry monthly!
*Save yourself the mess and clean up at home & great for smaller households too!
*We use all natural, gentle, and safe shampoos and conditioners.
*There are no contracts, no sign up fees, and no cancellation fees.

What’s included:

* Bath

*  Brush

* Blow Dry, Blue Berry Facial, & Cologne.

* Flea Shampoo, Hypo Shampoo, Medicinal Soak: $5extra each.

* Teeth Brushing: $10 extra.


Generally appointments are available within 72 hours of your call for Clean Club Baths. Holidays, and weekends may take longer. Monthly booking is preferred.

   Puppy's First Grooming 

* We only do what is necessary

*  Face

* Feet


* Sanitary area

* Bath and Blow Dry


Other Services Available at Special Request...


    * Pawdicures  1. Sanitizing -Extra Cleaning for your diggers, or beach goers

                        2. Deep Cleaning -For Dry, Cracked Paws

​                                      * Teeth Brushing

                                   ​* Expressing of Glands


* Pet Coloring

* Nail Polish

Specialty Baths

* Deep Conditioning

* Oatmeal

* Flea

* Mud Bath

* Comfort Spa    -Soothing Shampoo plus Conditioner

* Renew Spa        -Soothing Shampoo Plus Facial, and Conditioner

* Ultimite Spa    -Soothing Shampoo Plus Facial, Foot Soak, and Conditioner

Complementary Services Include:

* Brushing and trimming

* Ears Cleaned and Plucked

* Nails Trimmed and Filed

* Your Choice of Hair Cut ( If Needed)

* Bathing ( Until He/She is Clean and Smelling GREAT)

* Elite's Own Signture Perfume

* Bow/ Bandana

Mon                 8:30-3pm

Tues                 CLOSED

Wed                 CLOSED

Thurs               8:30-3pm

Fri                     8:30-3pm

Sat                    8:00-4pm

Sun                   By Appt 


Pet Spa Services...